creative marketing, advertising, & event planning is a consumer site developed to sell a customer relationship management small business product created by Tarkenton Companies. I developed the redesign for this site from scratch to replace an out-dated site that was failing to convert visitors into paying customers. 

Since redesigning the site and reworking the copy we have seen an increase in time spent of the page by over 200% and a decrease in bounce rate and exit rate of over 150%. In conjunction with SEO efforts I have increased traffic to the site by over 200 percent and have seen a consistent increase in conversion of visitors to paying customers.

Product Icons for  Product Bundles

I developed these icons for to create a visual representation for its small business product bundled solutions. I developed the concept and design of these icons from scratch to blend with a grouping of previously created images. All icons were created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and have been successfully launched on all product sites.

Tennant Special Risk, LLC

Tennant Special Risk approached me to redesign and rewrite their company website in order to gain more customers via the web. This newly designed website increased usability for their current customers as well as increased the amount of inquiries received through their website.  I co-developed the design and wrote the copy for this site. is the parent site to all Starter Business Solution sites. I recently redesigned this site to be consistent with its sister sites (StarterCRM, StarterBizplan and StarterHR).  I developed the design for this site as well as all rewrote the content to be SEO rich and relevant. Programming of this site was completed by myself and another programmer.  I maintain all updates to this site daily.

Tarkenton Financial, LLC

This newly designed site increased usability and increased internal recruiting initiatives. I co-developed the redesign of this site as well as all content. We added in a multimedia element with videos and webinars as well as a revenue generating factor with a store. I maintain all updates to this site daily.

The emails above were developed as a direct marketing campaign for prospective customers. I developed the content for all emails above and co-developed the design.